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Staying Connected – What Our Staff Have Been Doing During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Our compassionate Peer staff have first-hand appreciation of how difficult it can be to care for family members during times like these. We continue to work closely with every client to make sure “social distancing” does not turn into “social isolation”.
Here are just some of the ways we’ve made a personal difference this week:
  • Connected a vulnerable mother to Domestic Violence services.
  • Reconnected an isolated youth to his GED program when he had not received notice from his school district.
  • Helped caregivers understand online learning technology for their children.
  • Shared coping tips and local community resources with other parents via regular check-in calls. 
  • Created a comprehensive safety plan for a child of an essential worker being discharged from a psychiatric hospital.
  • Gathered all the supplies needed so that a new mom could bring her baby home from the hospital safely.
  • Created a virtual support group for single dads raising kids with behavioral health challenges.
In trying times, Family Ties provides:
  • Connections to friends, family and community;
  • Access to crucial services and resources;
  • Confidence to manage crises.
We’re helping Westchester families. Can you help us? We know that some people are dealing with financial uncertainty in this moment. If you can’t give, we completely understand. If you can, we’d love your support.
Kerry Whelan-Megley, MS, LMSW
Executive Director

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