Advocacy and Support

Family Ties staff advocates with you for the specific kinds of services and assistance you need to be successful. This means that when you request it, a staff member may be available to accompany you to meetings with school personnel, family court, or to conferences with any other service provider.

Additionally, Family Ties offers a wide range of support groups that offer emotional support and provide practical advice. When you attend a support group, you will get to talk to, and learn from, the experiences of other families who are working through issues similar to your own. All of our groups are led by professionals who have successfully navigated similar life events and who will work with you to help strengthen and nurture your family.

More than just providing direct services, Family Ties is the local representative of a larger social justice movement that urges the entire community - policy makers, service providers, parents, employers, and the community – to take responsibility for improving the lives of children with mental illness and their families. As part of a national support movement, Family Ties strives to transform our society into a world that puts children and families first and ensures that all children and families – especially those with emotional and behavioral challenges – get exactly what they need to succeed.

Community Networks

A network is an innovative approach to working with your family and a variety of service systems. It is a family-friendly approach that concentrates on your family's strengths and ways to build upon those strengths so that the service providers in your community can work with you to meet your needs. Your family and your service providers come together, along with any other participants of your choosing, to jointly create a coordinated, individualized plan for each family member, utilizing all of the service resources of the community. The plan is family-driven and focuses on what you and your family need.

Early Childhood Services

Family Ties serves as the family voice when service provides meet as a part of the Early Childhood System of Care effort in Westchester. Our presence at these meetings ensures that the concerns of our families are heard. Additionally, our presence at these meetings allows us to tailor network meetings and support groups to those who have early childhood needs.

Single Point of Access

Family Ties representatives participate in Westchester County's SPOA process acting as the organized voice of families.


  • Family Ties espouses a System of Care for children with emotional challenges that is family driven, child centered, culturally competent and focused on the strengths of the children and families involved.
  • All Family Ties services are free and confidential.
  • A year in residential treatment can cost $130,000 or more per person.
  • A day in a psychiatric hospital can cost about $1,000 per person.
  • It costs Family Ties about $1,000 per family for a year of services.
  • A day of Family Ties activities costs about $2.75 per family.
  • Family Ties has existed in Westchester for nearly 20 years and has grown from one small support group to a membership of over 2,000 families strong.
  • Most Family Ties staff have experience navigating service systems for their own families.
  • Family Ties is affiliated with the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and Families Together in New York State.