The mission of Family Ties of Westchester, Inc. is to provide lasting and effective support services to families of children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges in Westchester County.

We pursue this mission by:

  • strengthening and nurturing families through a wide variety of support groups.
  • providing information and training to parents so that they are equipped with appropriate parenting skills.
  • empowering parents to be full partners in the planning for their children's treatment and services.
  • encouraging parents to be resources for their own families, other families and their communities.
  • being a part of a larger social justice movement that urges policy makers, social service professionals and parents to take responsibility for improving the lives of children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges and their families.

We pursue this mission because we envision a community in which families of children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges feel empowered and connected to one another and not stigmatized.

As a part of Westchester County's System of Care, we believe access to services should be seamless and fluid and where the voices of parents and youth are incorporated and valued.

Our mission is guided by our values which are adapted from the Federal Child and Adolescent Services System Principles. These values act as our foundation when delivering services as it is our belief that our programs should:

  • be family driven: families are valued as partners and colleagues.
  • be community-based: children are best served in their own homes, schools and communities.
  • have a "never give up" approach: it is the responsibility of the System of Care and Service Team to adapt to the needs of the family; if the plan is not working, change it.
  • be strength-based: services focus on strengths and competencies.
  • include individualized care: interventions and supports are available to wrap services around the needs of each child and family.


  • Family Ties espouses a System of Care for children with emotional challenges that is family driven, child centered, culturally competent and focused on the strengths of the children and families involved.
  • All Family Ties services are free and confidential.
  • A year in residential treatment can cost $130,000 or more per person.
  • A day in a psychiatric hospital can cost about $1,000 per person.
  • It costs Family Ties about $1,000 per family for a year of services.
  • A day of Family Ties activities costs about $2.75 per family.
  • Family Ties has existed in Westchester for nearly 20 years and has grown from one small support group to a membership of over 2,000 families strong.
  • Most Family Ties staff have experience navigating service systems for their own families.
  • Family Ties is affiliated with the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and Families Together in New York State.