Family Ties of Westchester, Inc. believes in the concept of “Voice & Choice” for families:  

Families need “voice” to impact the services and supports they need. Since a united voice is more powerful than an individual one, voices raised together in Family Ties, and with Family Ties’ partners at the state and national levels, can impact how government funding decisions are made, how policies and programs are formed, and where resources are allocated. Families can also use their collective voices to help reduce stigma, to provide positive models of success for other families, and to be resources in their communities. Families also encourage each other to use their individual voices as spokespersons for their own families.

Families also need “choice”. They need to have input into the decisions about treatment, services, medication and placements recommended for their children. They need a sufficient array of services available in their communities that are respectful of culture, language, race, ethnicity, gender, and age. Family Ties stands ready to support families in the choices they make toward the success of their children.



  • Family Ties espouses a System of Care for children with emotional challenges that is family driven, child centered, culturally competent and focused on the strengths of the children and families involved.
  • All Family Ties services are free and confidential.
  • A year in residential treatment can cost $130,000 or more per person.
  • A day in a psychiatric hospital can cost about $1,000 per person.
  • It costs Family Ties about $1,000 per family for a year of services.
  • A day of Family Ties activities costs about $2.75 per family.
  • Family Ties has existed in Westchester for nearly 20 years and has grown from one small support group to a membership of over 2,000 families strong.
  • Most Family Ties staff have experience navigating service systems for their own families.
  • Family Ties is affiliated with the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and Families Together in New York State.