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FREE Virtual Parent Skills Coaching Starting 4/12/21

A flyer describing virtual parent skills coaching and the dates they are offered.


Schedule for AM and PM Virtual Parent Skills Coaching in January 2021






































We hope you can join us!

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A huge thank you to all who participated! To all of our staff and families, your stories are so important and your voices are vital. We are in awe of how you work together to transform your families and communities. A huge thank you to Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins; Senate Education Committee Chair, State Senator Shelley Mayer; Legislator, Christopher A. Johnson; and Assemblyman, Steve Otis. Your commitment and dedication to Westchester’s children and families is inspiring and we appreciate all of the work that you do. Westchester Children’s Association, we could not ask for better partners and look forward to continuing our partnership addressing the needs of families in Westchester. We’re looking forward to continuing this conversation, and to engaging the voices of our students and community partners, to ensure that all students have the ability to achieve academic success!

There is still time to complete the 2020 Census. The Census is conducted every 10 years and counts every single person living in the United States and its five territories — regardless of citizenship. 

The 2020 Census will provide a snapshot of our nation — who we are, where we live, and so much more. This data will be used to make decisions that impact our community for the next decade, such as:

  • The number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives.
  • Drawing congressional and state legislative districts.
  • The need for new schools, clinics, roads and additional services for families, older adults and children.
  • The allocation of billions of federal dollars for programs, including:
    • Medicaid
    • Head Start
    • Community Mental Health Services
    • SNAP
    • School Lunch
  • Federal dollars for hospitals, fire departments and other critical services.
  • Business owners making decisions about where to open new stores, restaurants, factories, or offices, where to expand operations, where to recruit employees, and which products and services to offer.

It is up to us to make sure that our community has a complete count. Please complete your form online, by phone, or by mail. Visit to begin. If you have questions, or would like assistance completing the Census, please call one of our Resource Centers.

You can check to see the response rate for your city, town or village. Please help spread the word and let’s get everyone counted!

Our Family Ties family has been profoundly shaken by the most recent racist attacks and unjustified killings of black men and women including, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others before them. In addition to widening economic disparities and the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 virus sweeping our country, these acts of violence at the hands of those in authority have left us reeling. Nonetheless, we recognize that these issues are not isolated. Rather, they represent two sides of the same coin – the structural and systemic racism that has existed in this country since its inception. 


Black lives matter. Family Ties stands with the rest of our colleagues, family members and loved ones against racism and bigotry in all its forms, both visible and invisible. There is no place in our community for violence or other acts of hatred.


Building respectful and equitable relationships is integral to our mission as well as a core aspect of our organizational culture. Thirty years ago, Family Ties was founded on the principles of social justice, as well as a belief in diversity, inclusion and the importance of human connection for families affected by social, emotional and behavioral health challenges. Since that time, we have remained steadfast in our efforts to strengthen the resilience and the rich diversity of our staff and the families we partner with – preferring to focus on the experiences that unite us rather than on what separates us. 


We can do better… 

In order to promote lasting social change, and create a more just society for everyone, we must first start by looking at ourselves.  On our journey to becoming an authentically anti-racist organization, we pledge to begin with an examination of our own values, biases, and practices; and to creating more meaningful opportunities for staff and community to shape our future. As Michelle Obama reminds us, we must start with “…self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own.”


We commit fully to this effort – to keep growing, listening, and learning from one another, and to continuing to approach all of our relationships from a place of humility, empathy and respect. Our children deserve a just world that is kinder, smarter and stronger.  We look forward to doing this work together.


A commitment on behalf of Family Ties Executive Staff and Board of Directors

Patricia Sparkman was a true change agent. Her compassion and innovation changed children’s mental health in Westchester County and built a community of caring. To honor her legacy, please consider making a donation in her memory to the Patricia Sparkman Founder’s Fund

During this difficult time, everyone could use a little support.

We may be practicing social distancing, but we will never practice social isolation. Now, more than ever, caregivers raising children with social, emotional and behavioral challenges need to connect to their peers. We will continue to meet the needs of families in Westchester by offering our regular services virtually.
All services are available Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM, unless otherwise noted.

Family Peer Support

Our Family Peer Advocates have been where you are. They can offer support, connect you to needed resources in the community and work with you to get the services that your family needs.


Youth Peer Support

Our Youth Peer Advocates work with other youth between the ages of 14-21 and use their own experiences to support, mentor and empower.



Support Groups

Our support groups allow caregivers to discuss their feelings openly and honestly with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Participation in one of our groups will reduce stress, provide motivation,develop skills and strategies, and let participants know that they are never alone.

After-Hours Support
Your hours have changed, so our hours have changed. In response to COVID-19, Family Ties has developed an after-hours, non-emergency number for caregivers looking for support.

Every day, families across Westchester are forced to make tough choices when it comes to paying for housing, food and medical care.  The economic stress caused by COVID-19 has only made these decisions more difficult. Thanks to a generous grant from ACME Markets Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief Fund, Family Ties’ families can purchase the fresh and nutritious food they need. This donation is not only a gift of dollars; it is a gift of dignity. Nothing empowers a family more than making their own decisions about what is important to them. This donation will give many of our families the opportunity to purchase items they would not otherwise be able to access.

Thanks to the generosity of the Westchester Community Foundation, Family Ties is able to expand our virtual services during this critical time. This grant allows us to purchase the equipment needed to offer our support groups online, provide one-to-one advocacy at a safe distance, participate in online meetings with families, and offer a nightly “warmline”.

Social connection is beneficial during the best of times, and now with COVID-19, even more so. Our unique Family Peer Support Services promote the well-being of families raising children with social and emotional challenges through lived experience, in the belief that those who have faced life’s challenges and overcome them are best able to support others experiencing similar obstacles. We connect caregivers to other peers, reduce family isolation, decrease internalized blame, increase self-efficacy, promote self-care, and empower families to take action in all aspects of their lives. This grant will allow us to continue to connect Westchester’s families to the support and resources that they need.

We cannot thank Westchester Community Foundation enough. Your mission to improve lives and strengthen our community is vital. Your dedication to Westchester is admirable and we look forward to continuing to work together to make a difference.

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